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Jonas Myrin - Grace Acoustic Sessions - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jonas Myrin - Grace Acoustic Sessions - аккорды и текст, видео

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Grace Acoustic Sessions
Jonas Myrin
Tabbed by: Michael Moore

Grace (Acoustic Sessions)
Key of: Gm (Bb Major)

This is my interpretation of this song, if you have any concerns let me know in an email. Please do not 
claim this material due to the time it took to transcribe it accurately Thanks!

Verse 1:
           Gm                                                     C/E
When the world's falling down and you can't turn around without running into a brick wall.
            Gm                                            C/E
When every step that you take is another mistake and you worry that you're gonna fall.
      Eb                         D
I feel your pain, I know you're breaking.

Verse 2:
             Gm                                                 C/E
When you're all out of breath and your life is a mess and your rights and left have turned you wrong. 
             Gm                                                C/E
When you're moving to fast and the thing's that don't last are the only things you're leaning on 
   Eb                                               D
I know the pain you can't explain, I know you're breaking

Bb                    D
Try to find a little grace
Keep a smile upon your face
    Gm/F          Gm/Eb                     Bb
Let go of all the weight and have a little faith
It's really not that hard 
Take a look inside your heart 
       Gm/F               Gm/Eb              Gm/F                   Gm/Eb
Ask yourself who you're trying to be / Ask yourself if who you're trying to be

            Bb                  Bb/F     Dm/F
Is who you are, is where you've been
                  Gm              Gm/F        Gm/E 
It's what you've done and learned to never do again
                 F                D
It's what you believe, is where you live
        Gm            Gm/F        Gm/E  Eb          Eo  
It's letting go and learning to forgive, so don't forget

           Gm/F   Gm  Gm/E    Gm        Gm/E
Is really who you are, really who you are
                Eb                   Eb
It's never too late, it's never too late
To find a little grace

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