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Jonas Brothers - Eternity - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Jonas Brothers - Eternity - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Jonas Brothers
                     Eternity – Jonas Brothers

Intro and Verse:(pluck)
/= slide
on the g string pluck this 8/9---9---9/11---11---11/13---13---13/14---14 (x5)

Looking at a picture of you in my hands 

Wondering if I'm ever gonna see you again 

 F#                      A               F#
Without you I don't know how my life will be 
But I believe
   E           A
It's not goodbye 
Cause I will remember you 
And I will see you again 
When I rise 
Cause I know and I believe 
I will see you in eternity 

Verse (Pluck the intro x3):

So close yet so far 

But in my heart you're here with me 

You did not leave 

You just went to live in eternity 

Chorus x1

    E                 B               A
We will live in the light of the sun again 
                 E             A
Dancing in the river of life and 
Knowing that'll never end 

Forever by your side
      A                B
And never have to say goodbye


Chorus x2

it's really easy you just have to listen to the song for the strumming patterns
im pretty sure it's almost 100% but is really close

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