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Jon Foreman - Ghost Machine - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jon Foreman - Ghost Machine - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ghost Machine
Jon Foreman
Here's the chords to the first song on Jon's new EP; Shadows. It's an amazing song

Tuning: Standard
Capo: 7th fret

Am F C G x3
Am F G

Here is the tab of the intro; If you can't play it just use the chords :)
You'll have to work out a lot of timing yourself, sorry. I'll call this riff 1
     Am                      F                    C               G
G|-------2-------2-------0---0h2-0h2-0h2p0-----0-----0----------------0--0-----0--0--------------|  X4

Verse 1:

Am            F            C   G
All hail the siren of our  -  time
Am     F                       C   G
I'm possessed when she passes  -  by
Am             F                 C   G
She drains the best years of my  -  life
She makes promises
She could never keep


Am         F          C   G
Ain't it a ghost machine
Am       F             C   G
Making a ghost out of me
Am        F                   C                    G
After of all her lies I'm surprised that I still believe
  E                          F              Dm
I swear this is gunna make a dead man outta me
My ghost machine

Am F C D  (or play riff 1 once)

Verse 2:
Am        F                  C     G
Father forgive me because I  -  know
Am      F                  C  G
Exactly how I've spread my soul
Am   F                C             G
My idolatry is in the pocket of my coat
I make promises
I could never keep

Chorus - Bridge:

Am         F          C   G
Ain't it a ghost machine
Am          F         C   G
Ain't she a ghost machine
Am        F               C             G
I'm still haunted by the faces on the screen
  E                          F              Dm
I swear this is gunna make a dead man outta me

Em     Bm      C
Do you know yourself?
C                    Em
I heard a voice call out
Em     Bm    C     
We define ourselves
C                               Am
By the things we can't live without
Am  E               G            D
I deny that I could quit at any time
But my ghost is a drug
My ghost is a drug
She's in my blood
And I can't give her up

Verse 3:
Am            F            C   G
The clock the altar of our - time
Am            F          C       G
Fought the temple of our - mind
Am        F                   C       G
I've been sprinkling blood of most my life
       F           E
On the altar of my ghost machines

Am           F   C  G
Ain't she my enemy
Am         F     C    G
My ancient remedy
Am          F       
The gods of all the empty
C                 G
Promises that I believe
    E                   F             Dm
She haunts me with her laughter in my dreams
  E                        Am              Dm  F  E
I swear she's gonna make a dead man out of me
My ghost machine


Am F G 

Outro Tab
     Am                      F                    C               

And you're done!

Lyrics from
Tabbed by Jonathan M
Добавлено: 19.11.2015
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