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Jolie Holland - Tender Mirror - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jolie Holland - Tender Mirror - аккорды и текст, видео

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Tender Mirror
Jolie Holland
This is my first tab, and this song is beautifully complex in its instrumentation and
timing and I don't know how to reflect that.  However, I really wanted to play it and
couldn't find any tabs for it anywhere, so I figured out a basic version and am posting 
it here.  Comments and corrections welcome!  This is from her Pint of Blood album

D            G          D
What I got, They ain't got
D                   G     D
I got something- I got a lot
D                G       D
What I lost in a broken sphere
D              G        D
I'll find in a tender mirror
In the Love from the heart
D                  G          D
What he's got he's got it to spare
D                  G        D
They can't hold a candle there
They're lost without a spark


D                    G          D
What she's got she's got it in spades
D                   G        D
Cast Adrift on the rolling waves
D                   G      D
Rocking out on the stormy sea
D           G        D
Her spirit comes to me
In the love from the heart

G                        D
I'm not in Love with a Stranger Anymore
I slipped out of the spell-You can go to hell
If that's what your headed for

G                           D
Unintelligible cries of an animal in the night
Mean more to my ear than the noise I hear
Your trying to get it right

G                            D
That's fine-You know-I'm so happy that your're gone
All the bells ring out we can sing & shout
and drink carry on
G                    D
in the love from the heart
G                    D
In the Love from the Heart
G                    D
in the love from the heart
Добавлено: 29.06.2013
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