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Jolie Holland - December, 1999 - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jolie Holland - December, 1999 - аккорды и текст, видео

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December, 1999
Jolie Holland
I'll see you in the springtime
F                   C
After the battle is won
I know I'm crossin' over
   F              C
As far as we have come
And I want your hand in mine, dear
      F                 C
As we face that shining dawn

     Am        F
Eyes open, I'm hopin'
          Am                 F
You'll be there with me, so gently
            Am                       D
I want your hand in mine, I want you by my side
         F                   C
In the midst of our great victory

The storm clouds had all gathered
       F               C
And we drew our forces nigh
And entered into battle
F                         C
Though it clamoured to the sky
And we faced that fateful lightning
F                  C
With saints on our side

     Am             F
Eyes open, I'll follow that lonesome road to the top
       Am                         F
Of the mountain where the fire is blazing
                Am                      D
And the heat is astounding, what's even more amazing
      F             C
Is to see you by my side...
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