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Johnny Paycheck - The Girl They Talk About - аккорды и текст, видео

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Johnny Paycheck - The Girl They Talk About - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Girl They Talk About
Johnny Paycheck
A tune from "The Little Darlin'" years.

Key of F#

The opening riff is played:

F# C# D# C#

Capo 4th fret 

The A7 is played with an added G on the high e string
  E A D G B e
  x 0 2 0 2 3

Now she's gone so carry on
Tell me the latest evil about her
'cause like the old saying goes that just makes the tongue go louder
And in the presence of her absense the worst in her comes out
D                   G
It always seems the girl in my dreams
       A7             D
is the girl they talk about
Well I guess it's fate
Everyday there's some bad girl around town

It seems to be my luck every girl I pick up
Is the one everybody puts down

But until they proved I made a foolish move 
Beyond the shadow of a doubt
D              G
I can be found hanging around
A7                 D
The girl they talk about
I don't listen to the things they say
and let them make a fool out of me
They're spreading rumors and little
            D                          A7
white lies 'cause they're jealous of me
I've heard them say they'll come a day
When she's going to paint me blue

She'll brush her past all over my future
with evil deeds she'll do 

but whatever she's done she's not alone
there's not a halo on those who shout
D                       G
and in the best crowd I walk proud
A7                        D
Beside the girl they talk about

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