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Johnny Cash - Sing It Pretty, Sue - аккорды и текст, видео

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Johnny Cash - Sing It Pretty, Sue - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sing It Pretty, Sue
Johnny Cash
So you gave up all between us for a glamorous career

    G7                                 F                   C
And with all your talent you should be the big star of the year 

Then you'll be public property so I release my claim to you

   G7                                            C
Go on and give 'em all you've got sing it pretty Sue
F                                 C
I can't take just part of you and give the world a half

   F                            C            G7
So smile for all the papers and give 'em autographs 

Go on to all the cites so your public can see you

         G7                                    C
But I'll watch on television so sing it pretty Sue


I hope you'll soon be on the top of every hit-parade

     G7                          F                    C
I'll try to be excited 'bout the progress that you've made

I'll collect your pictures like any fan would do

    G7                                          C
And I'll buy all your records so sing it pretty Sue

F                                 C
But I won't ever tell a soul that we have ever met

     F                           C                    G7
I'll just be one of millions who gives the praise you get

And maybe every year or so I'll drop a card to you
   G7                                             C
To tell you I'm still listening so sing it pretty Sue
Добавлено: 31.03.2016
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