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John Phillips - Me And My Uncle - аккорды и текст, видео

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John Phillips - Me And My Uncle - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы музыки: John Phillips

Me And My Uncle
John Phillips
Here's my rendition of Me and My Uncle. for the breaks, just solo over the verse chords. best with two people.

Me and My Uncle by John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas (key of C#m, capo 4th)

Capo on 4th fret

Intro: Am  C  E7  Am

          Am         E7     Am                  
Me and my Uncle came riding down,
         C                E7
From Colorado, West Texas Bound,
       Am             E7    Am            
And we stopped off in Santa Fe, 
               C               E7      
That being the place about halfway
      Am               E7                  Am
And besides it was the hottest part of the day

           Am       E7   Am                     
We led our horses into a stall
            C                         E7
Went to the bar room, got drinks real tall
                Am         E7   Am                      
Two days in the saddle, my body hurt
         C                   E7
It being summer, took off my shirt
    Am                E7                    Am  
And tried to wash off some of that dust and dirt


           Am          E7   Am                  
West Texas cowboys all over town
              C                      E7
With gold and silver, they're loaded down
             Am           E7       Am                   
Just in from round-up, it seemed a shame
          C                       E7
And so my Uncle starts a friendly game
         Am                     E7               Am
And it's high low Jacks and the winner takes the gain

          Am             E7        Am                   
From the beginning, near starts to end
           C                        E7
Them Texas cowboys, they just can't win
              Am             E7         Am                      
Some say he's cheating, well that can't be
           C                     E7
Because my Uncle, he's honest as me
    Am                 E7             Am                        
And I'm as honest as a Denver man can be

          Am         E7        Am                       
One Texas cowboy, he starts to draw
            C                          E7
I grabbed a bottle, slapped him on the jaw
        Am         E7         Am                        
I shot another, he won't grow old
          C                         E7
In the confusion, Uncle grabbed the gold
    Am                E7          Am                    
And we high-tailed it down to Mexico


              Am(slowly)             E
Now God bless cowboys, and God bless gold
             C                   E7
God bless my Uncle, and rest his soul
             Am                          E7
He taught me well, boys, taught me all I know
             C(faster)                 E7
Taught me so well, boys, I grabbed the gold
      Am             E7     Am             E7
And I left him lying there, left him lying there
Am             E7                       Am
Left him lying there by the side of the road
Добавлено: 25.11.2015
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