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John Mellencamp - Hotdogs & Hamburgers - аккорды и текст, видео

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John Mellencamp - Hotdogs & Hamburgers - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hotdogs & Hamburgers
John Mellencamp
                             Hot Dogs and Hamburgers-John Mellencamp
Tabbed by:Nick V.

From 1987's "Lonesome Jubilee".


Capo II

Intro/Verses (For the chorus us a standard open G chord)

   G      C                          D


C          G                   D     C                G          D   G
Drivin' down a dry summer's day, old route 66 and I was just a kid
C                           G                 D  G  
Met a pretty little Indian girl along the way
C                         G                   D                     
Got her into my car and tried to give her a kiss
C              G             D   G   
"I'll give you beads and wampum"
C                    G                  D    G
"Whatever it takes, girl to make you trade"
C                         D               C                D
She jumped into the back seat and she kinda flipped her lid
C                               D                             
She said, "You're trying to get somethin' for nothing
C                      G          D          
Like the pilgrims in the olden days."

C          G                 D              G
We rode for a while, till the sun went away
     C                       G                         D    G
I realized it was a sort of an honor being around this girl
C                        G                     D 
I felt embarrassed of what I tried to do earlier that day
C              G            D 
She was the saddest girl I ever knew

C                           D                G
She told me stories about the Indian nations
C                    G                  D 
And how the white man stole their lives away
C                    G                       D 
And although she kinda liked me, she could never trust me
C                 G                    D
And when the sun comes up, we go our different ways

G                  D
Now everybody has got the choice
         C            D
Between hotdogs and hamburgers
G                  D
Every one of us has got to choose
Between right and wrong
   C                D
And givin' up or holdin' on

C                      G                         D     G
So I dropped her off at some railroad crossing in Texas
C              G                  D  G
An old Indian man was waiting there
C                   G                   D            G
He smiled and thanked me but he saw right through me
C                    G                         D            G
I could tell he didn't like me, for my kind, he did not care
C               G                D
Because to him, I was the white man
C                    G                        D
The one who sold him something that he already owned
C                           G                      D
And it was like he'd been ridin' in the car right there with us
C                               G                    D
And I felt ashamed of my actions and the way the west was really won
                                                        G  C
So I drove down the highway, till I came to Los Angeles
                                                        G D
To the town of the angels, the best this country can do
                                                 G  C
I got down on my knees and I ask for forgiveness
I said, "lord, forgive us, for we know not what we do."

G                  D
Now everybody has got the choice
         C            D
Between hotdogs and hamburgers
G                  D
Every one of us has got to choose
Between right and wrong
   C                D
And givin' up or holdin' on

Chords w/o capo:

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