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John Mellencamp - Get a Leg up - аккорды и текст, видео

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John Mellencamp - Get a Leg up - аккорды и текст, видео

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Get a Leg up
John Mellencamp
Get A Leg Up




(This one is tough. The “open strings*” is you play the A,D,G strings open. JUST THOSE THREE.) Listen to the record for this and you should get it. J You could replace the G5 with the open string also.

Intro: A5 Open Strings* 4 times

A5 G5

Don't ... touch me
D5 A5 G5 D5 

Keep your mind straight ahead
A5 G5 D5

Don't... ideas about we
A5 G5 

Or you'll wish... dead
D5 C/D

That's... she must be thinking
D5 C/D

... spent 53... night
A5 G5

She gives... corner...

A5 G5

"Boy, ... right."
B(7th fret) 

How surprised was I...

whispered in my ear

A5 G5 

Get a leg up Ah Ha 
A5 G5 

... over boy yeah yeah
D5 A5 G5

Get a... Ah ha 

What's the matter
A5 G5 D5 

Are you shy, shy, shy?




Same pattern for verse 2

Repeat chorus


Same pattern for Verse 3

Repeat chorus

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