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John Gorka - When You Walk In - аккорды и текст, видео

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John Gorka - When You Walk In - аккорды и текст, видео

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When You Walk In
John Gorka
John Gorka - When You Walk In

CAPO: 4th Fret

INTRO: G  C   G  Am  D

Your heart is broken
Your world, a bitter place
Your confidence shaken
     Am     D
Your faith erased
What you depend on
Is up in the air
                 C  Am     C
You want to move forward
   Am      G       C   G
No forward there

Your husband left you
No good reason why
He wants a new life
Am          D
You want to die
   G           C
He wants to be your friend
But you can't be his
C            Am        C
Tell him to go to hell
           Am      G       C   G   C  Am  D
'Cause you already did

    F             C
The problem's not hatred
        F            C
There's no hate from him
    F          C              G
The facts of indifference are cruel
          F        C
With it's pleasant skin
         F      C
And it's brutal grin
        F                 C           G      F
How the world learns your name and it spins away

INTERLUDE:   D   C   G  C  Am  D

It's a question of damage
And wasted years
But love's never wasted
          Am      D
Though it led you here
   G            C
It might be the worst place
You've ever been
          C          Am     C
Still you light up a room
     D        G    C
When you walk in
    Am               C   D
You light up a room
When you walk in

OUTRO: C   G   C  D    C   G   C   G
Добавлено: 13.04.2015
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