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John Gorka - Promnight In Pigtown - аккорды и текст, видео

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John Gorka - Promnight In Pigtown - аккорды и текст, видео

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Promnight In Pigtown
John Gorka
John Gorka - Promnight in Pigtown

CAPO: 4th Fret

INTRO: D  G  (4x)

There were flowers from the boy pigs
         G                 D
Who were drinking in their barn digs
   Bm                A
In suits of powdered blue
           Em                 A
With those ruffled shirts on, too
                        D    G  D  G
All ordered through the mail

It was prom night in pig town
          G            D
There was ham bones in long gowns
     Bm              A
With painted cloven hooves
      Em              A
There was no need for shoes
                        D    G  D  G
Or the curlers in their tails

Couples had their pictures taken
              G                     D
Beneath those clothes, the heat was bakin'
     Bm              A
They pretended to be cool
              Em             A
'Cause they'd soon be out of school
                    D    G  D  G
And the night a memory

They ate with noise, food by the plates-full
           G                         D
But on the dance floor, they were so graceful
       Bm              A
They'd glide without a care
      Em                   A
Their snouts tucked in the air
                  D    G  D  G
It was a sight to see

         F#                     Bm
After desserts, they bobbed for apples
            F#                  Bm
All knowing soon, they could be scrapple
        Em                  D
Another packaged, processed food
     Em          D
They bore no attitude
Or grudge against the world

    G                      D
The prom queen was dancing real slow
         G                  D
With her silk purse and her proud beau
Bm              A
Oinking low and soft
     Em              A
They quietly slipped off
                       D    G  D  G
With her new string of pearls

They all left in even numbers
       G                        D
Some to find love, some to find slumber
    Bm                 A
And some stayed up all night
   Em               A
To meet the morning light
                 D    G  D  G
Some went to the shore

          F#                    Bm
And after that, the class would scatter
         F#            Bm
From Delaware, to deli platters
Em               D
All would lose a friend
          Em             D
They were noble 'til the end
                A        F
Never asked for more 

One little piggy went to market
F                        D
One little piggy went to Rome
F                    D
One little piggy had roast beef
Gm                   D
One little piggy had none
Gm                   D
One little piggy had none
       G             D
It was prom night in pig town
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