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John Gorka - Over There - аккорды и текст, видео

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John Gorka - Over There - аккорды и текст, видео

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Over There
John Gorka
John Gorka - Over There

CAPO: 2nd Fret


I never ran with the pack
I'm not alone anymore
                 Em           Am
I go to work and I come back
                           D             C
It's pretty clear what I'm working for

                  G                 C
Now I know that I don't come first
I know some of what my parents knew
     C             G                  D
It's me to we, and ours from his and hers

C                          G
More of all that, what you have to do
  C                           G
I figure it's bigger than the both of us too
  C                        G                         D
I wouldn't know love if it weren't for the likes of you

C          G                 Am
Who's that little boy over there?
       C             G       Am           D
With a spoon in his hand and food in his hair?
     C    G   Am  D
Over there__
     C    G   D   G
Over there__

And the little bit that I give up
It's all coming back a hundred-fold
                     Em            Am
It's not lost, if it goes to love
                    D               C
It rounds you out, so you can roll

Extra eyes to watch your back
C                   G
Keep you honest and cut you slack
C                               G                    D
Who'd a-known that I would ever talk about that with you

  C             G                   Am
I see my family waving from the doorway
C              G    Am       D
Once I went my way, now I go your way
     C    G   Am  D
Over there__
     C    G   Am  D
Over there__
     C    G   Am  D  G
Over there__
Добавлено: 24.06.2015
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