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John Fullbright - Never Cry Again - аккорды и текст, видео

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John Fullbright - Never Cry Again - аккорды и текст, видео

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Never Cry Again
John Fullbright
John Fullbright
Never Cry Again
Album Version from "Songs"

CAPO 2nd fret 
(some live versions are at first fret)


C - F - C - F - C - E - Am - Dm - G

C                      F           C
Your eyes are still as blue as I remember

G                  F                C    E
You still think my jokes are out of line

Am           B                     F
It's been so long since we've been walking

Dm                             G
Has it really been that long a time?

C                 F            C
There were days I knew we'd be together

G                        F          C    E
But there were nights I knew I'd be alone

Am                    A#/Bb    F
I'm glad you took the time to remember

Dm                              G
You still had my number in your phone


C                  F
Take my hand so we don't get lost

  C                F
I spent the coin I used to toss

    C     E         Am  
And never knew what luck would cost

        Dm            G
Until I bet it in the end

C                F
Never claimed to soar so high

     C             F
That I forgot that I could fly

       C     E         Am  
If you never knew what never was

      Dm    G    C 
You'd never cry again


C - F - C - F - C - E - Am - Dm - G

C            F              C
The world is mostly made of oceans

G                F                 C    E
And I planned to sail across them all

Am        B                  F
I built a ship that I could cling to

Dm                           G
I guess I made that boat too small

C                F               C
But once and for always please remember

G              F                 C    E
That pieces of me are still with you

Am       A#/Bb           F
Memories fade like dying embers

Dm                                    G
Dreams are just dreams till they come true



C - E - Am - Dm - G - C

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