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John Frusciante - Outside Space - аккорды и текст, видео

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John Frusciante - Outside Space - аккорды и текст, видео

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Outside Space
John Frusciante
John frusciante - Outside space

First part of the song without the lyrics is:
Em - Am - G - Am straight into C - Bm -Am - B very short (4 strokes)

Am          D      
It had been necessary
Am                     D
Minora circuits by the bone, books
Em              Bm
Get up, please, i fuck you
Am              D
A sceneful dark grey room
Let there be any time
Em           Am
systems for guys
clinic outside
Am    C              Bm
Space in music, body, sex towns
Am                           B
He a draculating hoolahoops
Em                 Am
Of colour from the round outside
Like a baal
Am   C             Bm
The door you appear
Am                    B
Watch this sky switch
Em           Am
I've got the fixin'
G            Am  C
I am the big fix
I leer looks 
Am                 B
But i got the pain
Em                 Am
My heart to my last city-ya
G                 Am   C
It had been through by you
Bm            Am         B
You won't cut the....
Em                  Am
Lord, lord, Lord i don't even
G                     Am    C
Feel like a ballad photograph
If you stay near right now
He shoots through twice
round and round
Em                Am
i'm in a level background
G                 Am C
Let them see us, man
TV program 
Am                    G
Darling, Darla, I scream

Am       D
Oooh, thats talking
Am       D       Em           Bm             Am
about making, it all grew to balloon/ the loon...

Outro: Em - F#m - G - A - D
Добавлено: 03.07.2015
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