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John Edmond - Agisymban Trilogy - аккорды и текст, видео

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John Edmond - Agisymban Trilogy - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Agisymban Trilogy
John Edmond
Agisyman Trilogy

G                      C                          G
They called it Agisymba this fair and promised land
               C            D          G        
And it was the stoneage home of the little yellow man
         C              D          G                                 
And he hunted with the bow and he worshipped to the sun
C               D                     G
Yes he was the hunter but he was the hunted one
      C              G            D               G
Then down from the jungles there came the Turbid Tribes
             C                G                D              G
With their spears and their shields and their long flashing knives
          C                 G           D                 G
And they hounded the bushman from his painted caves and lands
C                    G             D        G
   To the merciless wastes of the Kalahari sands.

              C                         G
Then came the Arabs and the sturdy Portugese
                        C       D              G
To the land they called Sofala from the seven seas
                     C       D            G
And they fought Monomotapa's warriors of old
                  C            D             G
To run across his kingdom and take away his gold
  C           G         D                G
Then the Matabele came running from the Boer
   C              G         D            G
To plunder the Mashona and wage another war
        C               G                D               G
And the columns came a-marching and they ruled for many years
          C                G             D            G
And they called the land Rhodesia those British pioneers

         C         D              G          Em
And the white man worked and the black man toiled
         C          D          G          Em
And the tribes all fought and rebellions boiled
         C          D                  Em
And the world went mad with two world wars
       A7                        D
And 'though men died they never settled their scores
And the madness spread it's the same damn thing
          C                        D
Hear the war drums throb hear the bugles ring
And they named Zimbabwe through the barrel of a gun
        C                    D
And the winners lost and the losers won.

     G                     C             G
But live in this land and share all the spoils
                              A7          D
You reap what you sow through labours and toils
G                            C          G
Black man and White man have all paid a price
                         D          G
Yellow man's gone like a mad sacrifice

               C        G
Agisymba Sofala Monomotapa
                   A7               D
Rhodesia Zimbabwe call it what you can
    G                      C          G
You all can live in it but no one can win it
                              D             G
For it always belonged to the Little Yellow Man (x2)
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