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John Denver - Is It Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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John Denver - Is It Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Is It Love
John Denver
This is tabbed to be similar to the live version found on "The
Essential John Denver", though the suggested intro is different.

Sometimes John played this song in E (D, Capo 2), so do
whatever suits your voice. Additionally, some of his performances
used different lyrics in the second time through the chorus, but
these are the lyrics from the aforementioned album. Also, the D/B
may be replaced with Bm, especially if strumming the song, but I
prefer the D/B when finger-picking. I played with some of
the Em variations to highlight bass notes - feel free to just play
regular Em chords if you want to keep it simple. Finally, I prefer a
simpler ending, and that's what I've tabbed. Purists can listen to
recordings and tab their own endings.  :)

Is It Love?
John Denver

Capo 1

Suggested intro:  D  D/B  G  Em  Em/G  Em/B  A7  D

            D           D/B         G         Em
Verse 1:  I know how it feels to be head over heels,
                Em           Em/B         A7           D
          To be lost in true love and the light of the moon.
               D          D/B         G         Em
          When everything seems to be coming up roses;
          Em         Em/B        A            D
          Every word seems to be rhyming with June.
          Em                   A7               D
          Suddenly all of your dreams have come true;
          Em        A7            D
          Happiness lives in your heart.
          Em                   A7          D
          Then out of nowhere, one becomes two;
          Em                     C        A
          Everything seems to be falling apart.

                 D               D/B   G               A
Chorus 1: (Is it love) when your heart feels like it's broken,
                 D             D/B        G        A
          (Is it love) and you just can't take any more?
                 D                  D/B     G          A
          (Is it love) when there's nothing left to be spoken,
                 D                 D/B           G         A
          (Is it love) and there's nothing worth listening for?
                 D          D/B     G       A       (D  D/B  G  A) (2nd time: D  D  
Dsus2  D, to Bridge)
          (Is it love?) Woo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ooh-ooh

            D            D/B          G            Em
Verse 2:  I know what it means to get caught up in dreams
                 Em               Em/B          A            D
          And in prayers that are answered with each passing day.
               D          D/B          G          Em
          When loving and laughter are birds of a feather,
              Em          Em/B        A          D
          And sharing and caring just one simple way.
          Em                    A7      D
          You know you'll never be all alone;
          Em           A7        D
          Someone will always be near.
               Em                       A7             D
          Then you turn around and your best friend is gone;
              Em                         C        A
          Oh, where do they go when they just disappear?

          (Repeat Chorus 1)

          Em                       A                      D
Bridge:   There's no answer; there seems to be nothing to say.
          Em                   A                D
          In your anger, would you even hear anyway?
          Em                A                         D
          It was magic, and somehow you've broken the spell.
          Em                 Em7                      A
          It was heaven, but somehow it's turned into hell.

                 D              D/B            G              A
Chorus 2: (Is it love) when you know that your heart has been broken?
                 D             D/B        G          A
          (Is it love) and you just can't take it anymore?
                 D              D/B            G          A
          (Is it love) when you feel more than you could imagine,
                 D                 D/B            G            A
          (Is it love) now there's nothing that's worth living for?
                 D         D/B     G   A          D  D/B  G A D
          (Is it love) woo-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh; is it love?
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