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John Arthur Martinez - Utopia - аккорды и текст, видео

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John Arthur Martinez - Utopia - аккорды и текст, видео

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John Arthur Martinez
Capo 1st 
    Am              C            G            Am
On cheap California wine I was breastfed and reared
     Am                 C               G     Am
By a mama who wouldn't want me once my daddy disappeared
     Am                   C                 G            Am
She closed her bloodshot eyes, touched her finger to the map
     Am           C               G                  Am
To a small Texas town, there'd be no more grapes of wrath

     Am                    C                G         Am
At each end of town was a welcome sign she wanted to believe
     Am                      C                   G             Am
But that edge of town would cut you down if you ever tried to leave
     Am      C          G                Am
We lived on 187, and I prayed with each sunrise
     Am                          C           G         Am
That we'd settled on a piece of heaven, and found our paradise

        F                  C               G                 Am
Was it heaven on earth or kingdom come a little of both or neither one
    F              C                    E7            Am-C-G-Am
It wasn't meant to be this way, but we stayed in our Utopia

     Am               C             G                Am
For sixteen battered years we lived out of a pickup truck
     Am                      C             G               Am
When she told me to make my bed, I'd just put the tailgate up
     Am                  C           G                 Am
How I ever lived to this ripe young age I'm not really sure
     Am                   C                        G                 Am
If I ever really learned right from wrong, it was damn sure not from her


     Am           C         G                  Am
Twenty-one years later and inside I'm still a child
     Am              C           G                  Am
Playin' tag with my past; it'll catch me once in a while
     Am                   C            G         Am
And I have to fight that bottle every day of my life
     Am                 C        G               Am
Another long drawn out battle I win some of the time

Добавлено: 12.08.2015
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