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John Anderson - Quittin Time - аккорды и текст, видео

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John Anderson - Quittin Time - аккорды и текст, видео

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Quittin Time
John Anderson
John Anderson - Quittin' Time

G                 D/F#               C
Is there anything left between us as lovers
G             D/F#            C 
Any reason at all for holdin' on
Am               B7                 Em      C
How long must we go on hurting each other
             G          D
When love is gone, it's gone

G       D/F#                         C
So many times we've tried talkin' it over
G               D/F#                       C
You always have your side, I've always got mine
Am                    B7                   Em      C
All the talkin in the world can't bring us closer
                   G         D       G
And we know in our minds its quittin time

Bridge 1:
Bein' with you used to be so easy
C                             G    
Now we're just in each others way
Em                      C 
We make small talk like two lonely people 
     Am                  C  G
With nothing left to say

Bridge 2:
All we can do is call it a day 
Cause we sure can't call it love
We kept tryin to give it time
Now it's time to give it up

If I thought it would make the least bit of difference
I could go on ignoring the signs
We ain't gonna win we're just goin the distance
That's where I draw the line, it's quittin time

Girl I've made up my mind
It's quittin time
Добавлено: 01.03.2016
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