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Joey Piano - One Blessed Light - аккорды и текст, видео

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Joey Piano - One Blessed Light - аккорды и текст, видео

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One Blessed Light
Joey Piano
First Stanza:
     G             C               G
We come to light Brightly shining as a star
   G                 C                D
Bringing the hope Onward we march as one
   C                            G 
Reaching our goals Our parents one desire
   C                              G
Building our dreams Our teachers on our side
   C                                        D
Keeping our faith we soar like an eagle's flight

Second Stanza:
    G                C                G
To God we cling We seek His face to understand
      G                    C                     D
The spirit of truth The source of knowledge and His wisdom
     C           G                 C               G
And as we walk along the mile We proudly wave the flag so high
  C                     D
BLICA,our one blessed light

  G         C             G
BLICA, we thank God for BLICA
       C                              D
One blessed light that sparks in our path
  G                C
BLICA, from your seed we reap
  G             C
BLICA, your foundation we'll take 
  G              C                    D
BLICA, your aspiration will forever keep

(Repeat Second Stanza)

(Repeat Chorus)

  G                D
BLICA, guides us right
  G               D
BLICA, makes us smart
BLICA, warms our heart
     G  D
Our one
          G   C
Blessed BLICA
          G   C
Blessed BLICA
          G   C
Blessed BLICA
Blesed Light
Добавлено: 20.06.2016
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