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Joel Plaskett - On A Dime - аккорды и текст, видео

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Joel Plaskett - On A Dime - аккорды и текст, видео

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On A Dime
Joel Plaskett
"On A Dime" (Joel Plaskett)
 From "The Park Avenue Sobriety Test" (2015)

 Use a capo on the third fret.

 Fiddle Intro:  | D7 D7sus4 |  X2

| G  C  G  D G C  G D C G D G

| G                                 C             D7  |
I closed my eyes in Dartmouth, woke up behind the wheel
| G                          C                D7      |
A mason jar of memories and four black tires squeal  
            | Am7               Em              Am7           Em |
The first and last time that we spoke, you were lighting up a smoke
              D |   Dsus4 |
And shit was real!

  | G                              C              D7  |
The Prisonaires were singing "Just Walking in the Rain"
     | G                            C             D7  | 
That's how we got to Memphis and we made it home again
       | Am7            Em             Am7                   Em |
Down the highway that I dream, with my blue eyes closed I've seen 
           D    |  Dsus4 | 
Beyond the frame! 


        | G                       C               |          
   Oh the good times we had, I remember them, lads
           |G                  D  | Dsus4 |
   We could take any turn on a dime
        |G                           C             |   
   Quit reminding me, girl, It's a ragged old world
          |G              D         C  |          
   Cause I don't want to leave it behind
        |G             D          G  |  
   No, I don't want to leave it behind

     | G                            C            D7 |
From a gas station in Texas, to the Bay of Fundy mud
   |G                                C            D7|
My mind it goes a-wandering with the whisky in my blood
| Am7           Em        Am            Em |
Remembering the chance we had after the dance
          | D         |G 
Before the flood gates opened....

        C               D7 |        
...Reality came rushing in
|G                         C              D7 |
Drowning out the past and chasing it with gin
    |Am7              Em        Am           Em     |
I'll find that place again, but let me first explain
             D  |   Dsus4 |
Where do I begin?

CHORUS; |D7 D7sus4 X1 |

|G                        C              D7 |
We picked up the sticks, gave it all we got
  | G                                           C                    D7 |
The only time I liked playing hockey was in the liquor store parking lot
 | Am7               Em      Am7               Em   |
On Hollis Street downtown, before they tore it down,
         D    |  Dsus4 | 
I took a shot!


CHORDS:     D7: X54035 (C shape) 
Добавлено: 13.11.2015
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