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Joel Faviere - If You Knew - аккорды и текст, видео

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Joel Faviere - If You Knew - аккорды и текст, видео

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If You Knew
Joel Faviere
This is a beautiful song, I hope these chords are accurate because I want to do it some justice.
It is played on guitar and piano mostly. The guitar just strums the chords below.
The piano however plays a more complex assortments of runs, riffs and progressions.
Despite this, the piano's part is completely based around the chords below so they should sound fine.
The song simply plays top to bottom.
These are the chords with which you can play along to the original. I hope this helps.

D      F#m  x4

D                 F#m
They think you're crazy    (crazy)
D                 F#m
They think you're mad      (mad)
D             F#m
They call you stupid, worthless
D                    F#m
Tell you you're not worth it

D                  F#m                            D
Now you're walking back, to the place you call home
D                F#m
But you feel so alone
D                 F#m
The same hurtful hits
                  D                    F#m
It's your darker place, in your virgin ears
The remarks they make

And if they, if they really knew
All of those things, that you do in your room

To hide the pain
I bet their minds would change, yeah
                         D                 G
I bet their minds would cha-a-a-a-ange

        G        Bm
They'd cha-a-a-a-ange
                 G        Bm
If they knew the pa-a-a-a-ain
 G        Bm

Cause I believe, in the scars
Cause I believe
Добавлено: 01.08.2015
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