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Joe - Start Over Again - текст песни, видео

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Joe - Start Over Again - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
I just can't believe it's over, damn 
(I just wanna start over again) [x5]

[VERSE 1:]
How did it get to be this way 
You and I, fussin' and fightin' almost everyday 
Where the sun used to shine, now it rains 
The look in your eyes only reminds me of the pain between us 
Baby, what happend to all the affection 
The love and connection we used to share 
Brighter days, they seem so far away 
Sometimes I just wanna give up 

My love, if you want it back 
I'll be willing to stay out the clubs ballin' 
If you want it back 
Change my number, keep them other ho's from callin' 
If you want it back 
Girl I'll do it right now, no more stallin' 
Cuz I want it back, so tell me..... 

Can we (can we), can we start all over again 
Been through too much to let it go 
I need my shorty, my lover, my friend 
Baby let's not fight no more 
You know inside, we were meant to spend forever 
Nothing can stop us as long as we're together, hold on 
Give us another chance, I need to know 
Can we start over again 

[VERSE 2:]
Would be so easy to just turn and walk away, to 
Charge it to the game and look to another day 
But damn it, something just keeps pulling me in 
Girl, deep down inside you know this isn't the end between us 
Baby if you hold on to me, you'll see 
We can make things right, if you help me fight 
I could be wrong but I'll take that chance 
Cuz I think it's worth it, you know it's worth it girl 

Baby, take me back 
If without me, you just can't sleep 
Mmm just take me back 
If you wake up at night, reachin' for me 
Baby, take me back 
If leaving brings uncertainty 
Girl, just take me back 
Oh baby.... 


[VERSE 3:]
Girl there's (no other way I can put it to you) 
Oh babe, cuz I need you right here with me 
(Anything to keep this love together, I'll do) 
Oh lady, but first you gotta work with me 
(We both made mistakes, along the way the breaks) 
I'll take the blame from my part and that's a start 
(But it takes two) 
Tell me are you willing to do the same in return (return) 
Please don't let it burn 


(I just wanna start over again)
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