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Joe Purdy - Lovers Side Of Town - таба, видео

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Joe Purdy - Lovers Side Of Town - таба, видео

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The source of this tab is cited below.
A note:  [[JP is one of the absolutely most inspiring and artistic independent acts
today.  In an age of readily available free downloads and huge music corporations 
this artist remains true by producing all his many albums independently.  So please, 
not "steal" this music.  Use this tab solely for the advancement of yourself
a musician and to promote JP's music.]]

Lover's Side of Town
By Joe Purdy (
From the album Joe Purdy

Tabbed by Kevin (
Check out the Unofficial Joe Purdy Transcription site at

Capo III


C B Am G

C      B      Am     G
Once upon a broken heart
           C        B          Am          G
There's a time for love and a time lovers part
     C             B            Am         G
It doesn't always work out the way that we planned
          C             B                Am             G
Did you really want to know the way that all the movies end?

C B Am G

Am     Em                F              G
Mr. Moonlight won't you take the rain away
     C                 B            F      G
And leave me with the hope of a better day
Am    Em               F       G
No sunshine don't you let me frown
                C                B                 F          G
I've heard the grass is always greener on the lover's side of town

C B Am G

Midnight picture show and love talk radio

Just doesn't quite make up for the ladies that I used to know

Well some they wished me well and some became my enemies

Some I told to go to hell and some still haunt me in my dreams


F     G            C    B    Am    F
I am riding on the midnight train
     G           C   B   Am   F
Not sure exactly why I came
      G             C      B   Am
I am fine with just me and my guitar
F               G            Am     B  C  B  Am G
Sometimes I am wishing for a little more,       just a little more

C B Am G

So little girl won't you sit by me over here

So I can whisper sweet nothings in your ear

And I just, just want to listen to what you have to say

We can sell all the world and they can just fade away, they can fade away

Добавлено: 29.07.2013
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