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Joan Baez - The Dream Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Joan Baez - The Dream Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Dream Song
Joan Baez
         Gm                    D#        D
I had a dream I was following a barefoot girl
         Gm                 D#            D
Beside a stream that flowed around the world
       D#            F                 A#           D#
And we spoke of many things though her mouth never moved
       Cm            F           A#                D               Gm
As the most peculiar scenes were disappearing into view, oh what a dream

           D#       D
Beyond the realm of why
               Gm                D#      D
Pretty little beings beneath the yawning sky
D#          F       A#                D#
Speaking of God as though they could define
Cm            F       A#           D               Gm
Music to the deaf and color to the blind or God to man


Cm                           G#       G#m
And then the leaves became a thousand tears
Cm                               G#       G#m
And I was on my knees in a crazy house of mirrors
Cm                                      G#      G#m
I couldn't find my face but a voice was drawing nearer
Cm         D           Gm   D#        D
Hush baby, sweet baby, hush don't you cry

                Gm                     D#       D
And I thought I woke and my mother was standing there
             Gm                   D#     D
And my heart broke as the ribbons in her hair
D#          F         A#            D#
Turned into highways surrounded and swirled
       Cm              F        A#             D      
Like a crown come down around a not so perfect world

                     Gm                         D#   D
In the corner of the dream was the man with the blue guitar
          Gm                    D#          D
It had no strings but the music touched the stars
        D#        F                A#            D#
And his long dark curls turned to gold before my eyes
    Cm           F            A#        D        Gm
And the barefoot girl smiled off to the side and it was real

Cm                                       G#     G#m                
Then a thousand birds took flight with a joyful noise
Cm                           G#   G#m
And I heard the angels up on high rejoice
Cm                              G#       G#m
I could see my face and I recognized the voice
Cm         D           Gm   D#        D
Hush baby, sweet baby, hush baby hush

            Gm                            D#     D
It's just a dream, one of those that goes on and on
            Gm                         D#    D
Scene after scene with the rhythm of a gypsy song
D#            F          A#        D#
When I really woke I was frozen in between
         Cm         F             A#             D  
I didn't know who I was, it was a dream inside a dream

It's all a dream
Oh what a dream
I had a dream
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