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Jimmy Somerville - Truthdare Doubledare - текст песни, видео

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Jimmy Somerville - Truthdare Doubledare - текст песни, видео

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Why dont you listen to the preacher, preacher man

Just be aware, if you can

Theres a war on the horizon, yes theyve got a bomb

Bea it right or be it wrong

You know the book, it will not save you

Will not save you from the fall

Yeas, why dont you keep on praying

That judgement day would end it all

End it all

Truthdare doubledare

Command or opinion

Truthdare doubledare

Truthdare doubledare

Dare to be different

Truthdare doubledare

To be yourself

Now judgement day is comin

And the people will be free

We always think about our children

And the way its got to be

Im not praying for a miracle

I never listen to the law

Im gonna put it all behind me

I want you all to know the score.

Why dont you listen to me preacher

Would jesus like what you have done? 

Why dont you know what youve been preaching

To each and everyone

You know your church has been a lying

Been unfaithful to us all

You know we gotta trust each other

Or well all go up with the bomb

Wont you listen to me preacher

Listen to me please

Hold your hand out to me preacher

Id even get down on my knees

Yes theres war on the horizon

And yes theyve got the bomb

This world it might be ending

Be it right or be it wrong
Добавлено: 12.10.2013
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