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Jimmy Fallon - Troll Doll Celebrities - текст песни, видео

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Jimmy Fallon - Troll Doll Celebrities - текст песни, видео

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Hello. Hello my name is Jimmy Fallon, and welcome to the auditions for Troll 
Productions Inc. Remember, we're looking for a star or celebrity to sponsor our 
new line of trolls dolls, in our new series of commercials. So thanks for coming. 
Let's just start the auditions, uh, first up, Mr. John Travolta. 

She's like, I swear to God, I mean I can't believe you guys are trying to sell 
these things, right. I mean like, who does his hair? I mean like, his hair's so 
frizzy. I mean like, you guys can probably get some, like, anti-friz shampoo or 
something, right? I mean, I don't know how you guys expect to sell these things 
looking so weird, right? 

Thank you, uh, next up, Cliff Calvin, the mailman from Cheers? 

Hey, thanks a lot to ya buddy. I was talking with Marty about these dolls. 
Turns out, the uh, turns out the actual midget trolls were made in the 1300's, 
by, uh, Indian chiefs looking for a story to keep their children occupied. 
These trolls are nice, but i'd rather be having a beer with Normy back at the bar. 

Thank you, Cliffy. Uh, next up, uh, comedian Jerry Seinfeld. 

Okay people, okay. Will ya look at these things? I mean, do you remember when 
dolls used to have moving arms and legs? Am I right? He doesn't have any pants 
on! What's the deal with that?! No pants! You get the doll. You don't get the 

Thank you, uh, next up, actor Nicolas Cage. 

Who? What? Where? 

That's all I got for that one actually. Next up, uh, comedian Robin Williams. 

Oh yes, troll dolls, yes. A beautiful thing, yes. It's a beautiful thing. Yes. 
Looks like Don King on Viagra, yes. Yes, suddenly the guy's at home going, 
"What the hell's going on there?", yes. Meanwhile, there's a kid at home going, 
"Daddy, I want the Harry Potter doll!", yes. Meanwhile, the guy's at home 
going, "I'm seeing the anti-Christ and it is a troll doll!", yes. Suddenly 
Arnold Schwarzenegger's at home going, "Yah, I like to eat troll doll with my 
English Muffin.", yes. Suddenly, Mr. Happy's coming out going, "Lewinski, 
Lewinski!", yes. Thank you. 

Uh, next up, next up, next up for the audtions, uh, Mr. Gilbert Gottfried. 

What is this? What kinda kid plays with something like this? They're so weird 
looking! What kinda kid would play with something like this? I'd like to be the 
voice of this. And that's not good. 

Thank you. Last but not least, uh, Mr. Adam Sandler. 

me, giving a troll doll to, to my mother, okay Here we go. Uh, uh, mom, I, uh. 
Hi. I uh, I uh, I got you a troll. 

That's enough for the trolls. Thank you very much.
Добавлено: 11.04.2012
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