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Jimmy Driftwood - Soldiers Joy - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jimmy Driftwood - Soldiers Joy - аккорды и текст, видео

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Soldiers Joy
Jimmy Driftwood
I use every day, so I want to give 
something back.  If anyone has more Jimmy Driftwood
lyrics/chords, please post them!

As far as I can tell there is no C in the first verse 
of the chorus, as bad as I want to put one in there.

The intro and GDGG at the end of the chorus is my best
guess on how to follow the mandolin (turn-around?) part.

If this is wrong, please help me fix it!

Soldier's Joy
By Jimmy Driftwood

*** Repeat the chorus after every verse. ***




G                              C
Some continental soldiers on a bivouac

G                            D
Were playing stud poker in a mountain shack

G                         C
But every vigilante threw down his hand, when the

D                           G
Captain of the guard gave a sharp command, oh


Jimmy get your fiddle out and rosin up the bow

G                         D
Johnny tune your banjo up we're gonna have a show

G                            C
Billy pass the jug around to Corporal McCoy

D                              G             G D G G
We're gonna have a tune called Soldier's Joy


G                       C
The girls in Boston are dancin' tonight

G                            D
The gall-derned Redcoats are holding them tight

G                         C
When we get there we will show them how

D                         G
but that ain't a doin' us no good now, so


G                  C
There goes General Washington

G                       D
He's got his horse in a sweeping run

G                         C
The barefooted boys are a beggin' to fight, and

D                              G
we're gonna cross the Delaware River tonight, so


G                   C
Old Burgoyne in the wilderness

G                  D
Got his army in an awful mess

G                          C
The farmers got mad at the British and Huns, and

D                            G
captured ten thousand of the son of a guns, so


G                     C
John Paul Jones in an old tin can

G                        D
Scoured the ocean like a fightin' man

G                             C
The British said Paul are you ready to strike

D                      G
and Paul said I'm just beginnin' to fight, so


G                      C
General Washington and Rochanbeau

G                          D
Drinkin' their wine in the campfire's glow

G                     C
Big Dan Morgan came a gallopin' in, and said

D                        G
We got Cornwallis in the old Cowpens, so


G                      C
Wake up buddy have you heard the news

G                        D
Grandma Britain's got an awful bruise

G                      C
The Redcoats cried and cursed Yorktown, while the

D                              G
band played The World's Turned Upside Down, so


G                       C
A homemade fiddle and a mandolin

G                  D
An old banjo and a tambourine

G                        C
A big dumb bully for the drummer boy

D                           G
Everybody loves to hear the Soldier's Joy, so


D                        G
Gonna have a tune called Soldier's Joy
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