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Jim Reeves - Deep Dark Water - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jim Reeves - Deep Dark Water - аккорды и текст, видео

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Deep Dark Water
Jim Reeves
G                     C
Alone and so lonesome bored and so blue

                  G           A7              D7
I got the urge to ramble so I took a drink or two

   G             B7             C               G
It tempted me to trifle then my true heart went astray

     C                G              D7            G
So I wandered in dark water and just threw my life away

  D7                             G
I know that it was wrong to fool around this way so long

    A7                              D7
Someone was sawing on the limb that I was sitting on

         G          B7            C                  G
I looked down and I found I could drown in deep dark water

     C                G      D7       G
So I cried when I realized I couldn't swim

A fool and his money calls for whiskey and for gin

                        G               A7              D7
Filled to the gills and falling for the weaknesses as a man

     G           B7      C              G
From one fool to another wrong is never right

    C                 G                  D7           G
I ignored advice from mother and brother look at me tonight

D7                              G
Unsteady as I go with deep dark water down below

          A7                           D7
They keep sawing louder on my limb and soon I'll have to go

            G             B7        C                 G
Life's been small hear my call as I fall in deep dark water

           C                 G      D7        G
Don't be a would-be king and tumble from your throne
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