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Jim Jones - Reppin' Time - текст песни, видео

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Jim Jones - Reppin' Time - текст песни, видео

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Reppin' Time" 

Sur When Its Reppin Time When Its When Its Reppin Time 
Sur When Its Reppin Time When Its When Its Reppin Time 
Sur When Its Reppin Time When Its When Its Reppin Time 
Sur When Its Reppin Time When Its When Its Reppin Time 

[Jim Jones:] 
I Got Money On My Mind Man (And We Done Talk To New York) 
I Hope You Niggaz Hear Me (Eastside) 
Its Mr. New York City (Ballin') 
You Niggas Want Action 
I Got A Movie For You 

Hop In The Coop Relaxin' 
You See The Roof Colapsin' 
I Got My Paper Off But Im Still ?? Smackin' 
Hear The Scar Fearin' 
Forein Car Steerin' (Speedin') 
60 ? Par Wearin' 
Just Be The Trial Hearin' (The Hood) 
You Should Catch Me Walkin Kaky Out The Court Room (???) 
Like Eat My Dust A Buck 40 For Da Porsoom 
If I Can Population (What Up) 
We Coppin' Propstuation (Ballin') 
We Gettin' Money Over Here Whats Your Occupation 
We On Top Of Things (What) 
And We Got Them Things (Converbs) 
But We Only Sellin' Birds We Tryin To Cop With Wings 
I Knoe The Real Rich (The Real Rich) 
The Real Rich Importer (Yeah) 
R.I.P. He Left The Hood To Us We On The Corners (Ballin') 
The Bright Lights Of My Big City 
My Ice Sprite And The Wrist Silly, Shea (Flossy) 
Im Riskin' Fed Time, 
Front Page Headline 
Let The Pedal Hit The Floor Till It Drives A Red Line 


I Let My Pants Sag (Why) 
So I Can Show My Ass (Kiss My Ass) 
Its 20 Gs A Pocket 
Its 'cause We Blowin' Cash 
And When The Follows Flash 
The Lobbys Gonna Pass 
Lights, Cameras, Autographs 
What Will These Call The Cav 
The Fast Life Is Pricey 
The Time Piece Is Icey (Blingin') 
And My Niggas Movin Fist Skills Its Like A Pisey 
My Momma Raised A Thug 
Lawyers Want Me Face The Judge 
This Is The Chance You Take Try And Put Your Brains On Drugs (What Up) 
When We Invade The Clubs Standin' On The Furniture 
Throwin' Gang Signs 2 Step And With Our Bronis Tough (Eastside) 
And We Gon Bron You Up Like 3 Star Alarm (Thats Right) 
We On The Bomb Hood Some G's On The Charm (Okay) 
You Think I Own The Cleaners How I Wash That Paper 
And We In The Dealer Tryin Cop Our Flavors (Ballin') 
We At The Dealer Dawg 
So How You Feelin' Dawg (Yeah) 
Lets Tare Your Seelin' Off 
Off The Lot We Killen' All 

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