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Jim Guthrie - Like A Lake - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jim Guthrie - Like A Lake - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы музыки: Jim Guthrie
Авторы текста: Jim Guthrie
Like A Lake
Jim Guthrie
                         LIKE A LAKE - Jim Guthrie
Tabbed by: Daysleeper_05

Tuning: Standard, Capo 4

Here's the picking pattern. If you have trouble, get a metronome and start slow:
    Am                Am/B  C                        F7M    

Am   Am/B      C              F7M          Am
I    woke      up, and on the wall I saw a light

Am             Am/B   C            F7M                    Am
It looked just like a lake, but it scared me I don't know why

Am  Am/B C            F7M           Am
And as I stared I saw things and it changed me

Am            Am/B   C              F7M               Am
But something wasn't right with the light was I still dreaming?

|:Am   Am/B C    F7M       Am:|

Am              Am/B     C                           F7M                 Am
So I got up and I walked over to this lake and I saw people on the other side
Am                          Am/B   C                              F7M                          Am
It wasn't hard to tell they didn't look all that well so I called out 'cause I thought I could help
Am                   Am/B   C                F7M                     Am
But no one had eyes so they couldn't see and no one had ears so they couldn't hear me
Am                   Am/B   C                               F7M                    Am
I felt the earth quake as a voice from the lake spoke these words and it instantly calmed me
Am     Am/B C    F7M                   Am
"I hear you call" do do dut dut doo doo 
Am     Am/B C    F7M                   Am
"I hear them all" do do dut dut doo doo
Am     Am/B C    F7M                   Am
And it said "life, she is a mystery" and there's more to all of this that she ain't telling me
   F7M                 Am   F7M                                 Am
So tonight it's like a lake sits so still and pretty makes your heart ache
    F7M                                    C
But these days don't it all just make your heart ache
Добавлено: 27.05.2015
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