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Jill Scott - Epiphany - текст песни, видео

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Jill Scott - Epiphany - текст песни, видео

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As He Took The Holder Off His Shoulder

Fire In His Eyes, Hands Getting Older





Dub Him For His Bank Account

But Really For His Private

Damn About A Mind Set

Really Wasn't Into That

Needed Me Some Pleasing

Joint Looking Real Fat

Laid Back Was His Foreplay

All That Was Needed,

Needed Me Some Of That

Started Simple

Massaging On My Temple

Pinching On My Mountain Peaks

Is That A Sista Into?

I Responded


He Like The Sound

I Like Making It More

I Felt For The Rock And Shore


He Brought It Close 

So I Could Really See

Up Close 

He Slid Between My 

Sweaty, With Lust And Sweat

Broke Mount St. Scott 'til


Cream Love Landed On My Skin And Neck

Blended With My All Day Chanel Scent

This Freaking Was Incredibly Decadent

Flip Side

Stomach Meet Sheets

Knee Plows Inside As If He's Making Beats

As If This Years' Harvest Depended On It

Bending On It

Back On My Back

Old Fashion Is Renewed

Red Toe Nail Polish On White Walls

Documenting This Freaking





To Thank Him


No, No, No, No, No

I Take Charge Of Chip

Moving With My Back And Hips

Like My Ancestors Did

Speaking The Bantu, Ranga And Tonga

What About A Stop All That To Make Love

But Ohhh Weeee

I Put Him To Sleep 

Curled All Up

Spasm All In His Feet

Feeling All Proud 

Like I Did Something Deep

Ain't Really Nothing

It's The Way That I Be

Know If His Cigarette Hot Like Me

But Why Do I Feel So Empty?
Добавлено: 26.04.2012
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