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Jill Johnson - Better Than Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jill Johnson - Better Than Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Better Than Me
Jill Johnson
 You sat down beside me, 
 you gave me that look
 And now I got to hand it to the nerve that it took
    C                                               G
 I don't understand it, but baby I swear I'm gonna try

 You don't know where you're going, 

 don't know that your needing,
 Right now at this moment all you're doing is leaving
    C                                            G
 So it wouldn't serve any purpose for me to ask why

         C                    G
 Go on spread your wings and take a big step
            C                     G
 Don't you even think about how lonely it gets
  D                         C     
 Out in the depth of your dreams
                             G    C   G
 I hope you find better than me

 I hope you find love that you say you are missing
 Out on your hopelessly romantic mission
 C                                                    G
 Hope you don't spend your life, Looking back if you don't


 I won't be watching the door when you go
            A                                                 D
 But there might be a window of time when you could walk back in
 Yea we all wanna fly now and then

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