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Jewel - Chime Bells - текст песни, таба, видео

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Jewel - Chime Bells - текст песни, таба, видео

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			     CHIME BELLS - Jewel
 Tabbed by Michelle Kady and Buster Payne

aka the yodeling song. another unreleased track, audio at

A:       x02220
A7:     x02020
E:       022100
E7:     020100
D:       xx0232

  Toggle back and forth between the A and A7 and E and E7 to accent it the way
  Jewel does.  Below, when I've written 'A' swich back and forth between A and
  The same goes for E.

  A                              E 
Up on a mountian so gay and so free... heh heh
there is a young man waiting there for me.
I know in this lake we're drifting with the tide and  
[we'll] hear those chime bells ring.

                                       E   <--change to E towards the begining
of yodel.
Chime Bells are ringing...((yodel))
                                                A  <--change to A towards the
end of yodel.
Mocking birds are singing...((yodel))
Hush little lover...((yodel))
Upon a summers eve...

((long yodel))

Well, the moon beams were shining 
                    ((stop playing, and slap your hand [quietly] over the 
                      guitar to mute the strings..then pucker up!))
as I kissed him there........... <>
The birds were singing and feelin'
a bit of 'e  yeah, yeah.  ((??))
Hey little star, well, they twinkle upon the AM
Heaven will be smiling...



1(Faster Yodel)....faster?

2(FASTER YODEL)....faster??


((More yodeling))
Добавлено: 07.09.2013
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