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Jethro Tull - Aqualung2 - таба, видео

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Jethro Tull - Aqualung2 - таба, видео

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		   1 Sep 1994 17:28:42 GMT

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 Ok, well the beginning riff and rythm of Aqalung is fairly easy to

figure out, and the acoustic part in the middle isn't really hard

either, but the solo is a bit difficult, I got the first few bars down

to what I think is right, but I'm going to post all of what I know,

and since just about every guitarist in the world knows this song, I

would appreciate it if you would post your versions of parts to the

song if they are different than the ones here, especially the solo.

So, this isn't really a request for the song I just want to know how

other people play it.

Opening riff:

   "Sitting on the park bench..."







Verse rythm section: (play 3 string power chords)

"Eyeing little girls with bad intent..."

Db Db Db Eb Eb Eb F F F Eb F Eb F Gb Db

"Hey, Aqalung"

Eb Eb Eb Db Gb Gb E B D

I'm pretty sure everyone can do without tab here

Acoustic Part (Slow):

"Sun streaking cold, an old man..."

Gm Gm   F F F F  C C   Cm Cm   Gm Gm   F F F F

Here occasionally hammer the 2nd and 3rd frets on the G string 

while playing the F chords.

Acoustic Part (Faster):

"I still remember..."

Gm     F F F    F    Gm Gm Gm  

"Taking time the only time he knows..."

Gm Gm  F F F F   Cm Cm Gm Gm  F F F F

And here is 1st part of the solo:








B:------------------------    --- Real evil sounding





 Well that's all I can figure out, it does two more little riffs then

gets extremely fast. Once, again please post your suggestions or

comments about this.


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