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Jessica Digiovanni - Defend Us - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jessica Digiovanni - Defend Us - аккорды и текст, видео

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Defend Us
Jessica Digiovanni
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C#m7 A E B
D#-E-F#-G# 4x
D#-E-F#-B 4x * Notes

E              B
When the enemy comes in like a flood
    C#m7                    A
The spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard

    E                              B
His death has made us triumph over evil
                      C#m7        A
The chains of sin are broken, the veil is torn
    E                    B
The Remedy provided, I'm delivered
                 C#m7      A
The gracious revelation in Jesus Christ

    B          C#m7          A
The Mighty Host seated on the throne
He reigns alone

    E/G#                           B
And now the great accuser has been bruised by
                 C#m7       A
The resurrection power, the blood of Christ
   E/G#                          B
My faith is in the promise of my Savior 
                  C#m7         A
Who overcomes the darkness and reconciles 

C#m7 E7M   B6 F#m9

C#m7             E
Defend us, Lord, defend us, Lord
B6                   F#m
Lift up a standard, raise up the banner high

C#m7                         E
No weapon formed against me, no weapon formed against me
B6                     F#m
No weapon of the enemy shall prosper
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