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Jessica Delfino - Lullaby - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jessica Delfino - Lullaby - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jessica Delfino
Ukulele Standard Tuning
*single strum

This is a song my mother would sing to me when I was just a little girl...

G                            Em
You should go to sleep right now,
C                D           G  D
You should go to sleep right now.
G                             Em
Close your eyes and rest your head,
C                D              G  D
And I'll tuck your body into bed.
G                                Em
Be glad that you are young right now
C                D              G   D
Because it just gets worse from here...

You will encounter disappointment
Am                        G
At every stage of your life
I promise you,
Most of your dreams
Will not come true
Though people try to tell you they do, oh baby

G                                       Em
I promise life'll be full of awkward confrontations,
C                                     Am
And you'll get stuck in ten thousand awful conversations
G                      Em
You'll be late to an important meeting
C                                    Am*
And someday you will get bullied and end up bleeding

Someone you love
Will not love you back
C                                 Am
And you'll never, never win the lottery

G*            D*                Em*
You will feel emotions such as anger, pain and sadness
C               Am
Over and over, listen to me:
G                                 Em
You will probably get into at least one car accident
C               Am
You will make foes;
G*             D*               Em*
You will lose close friends and relatives to cancer
C                       Am
And other, horrible, unpredictable scenarios

And then you will die
'Cause everybody dies;
C                       Am
Life is but a fleeting string of sorrows...

G                       Em
But don't think about that right now,
Just close your eyes and think about
Am              G  Em
Angels and rainbows
                C Am
Angels and rainbows

G Em C D
G                            Em
You should go to sleep right now,
C             D              Am
You should go to sleep right now,
           C D
And remember
Mommy loves you.

Добавлено: 17.06.2016
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