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Jesse Mccartney - Without U - текст песни, видео

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Jesse Mccartney - Without U - текст песни, видео

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I like when you whisper softly, 
things only I should hear that lead me on, ohhh. 
I like the way that u smile at me, 
and make me feel like nothing can go wrong. 
Tell me this will last forever, dont u ever leave.

I dont wanna be without u 
dream without u,
walk without u,
talk without u, baby

never take a chance without u,
dance without u,
nothing is the same without u, baby

i could never be without u
heal without u
begin without u
end without u

Baby im in need
i cant breathe
no i dont wanna be, without u

i love when your eyes wash over 
with a look only i can tell 
whats on your mind. 
i love the way that u find me 
whenever ive lost my way, 
your just in time, hey. 
Baby we've got something started
say we'll never stop.

Repeat Chorus

I'll lock up my heart
and throw away the key, 
if thats what it takes to keep your love with me. 
You open the door to all thats good in me. 
I can't deny the truth 
that I could never be, without u.

Repeat Chorus
Добавлено: 23.05.2012
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