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Jerry Jeff Walker - The Road You Choose - текст песни, видео

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Jerry Jeff Walker - The Road You Choose - текст песни, видео

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Django Walker

Skinny young kid who sits in the back of the class

Nobody knows his name, nobody cares to ask

They just sit up front and tell him he won't go far

Not knowing one day he'll grow up to be a movie star


Got to hold your head up high if you're gonna see at all

Got to put your foot above the rest if you're gonna rise at all

Got to spread your wings and fly if you don't want to fall

'Cause it's the road that you choose that'll take you through it all

Now that kid has grown up to be that movie star

Seemed like yesterday people told him he couldn't go far

Tonight's his big premiere; he's got tons of fans

Next week he's on the late show with David Letterman


He's older now, he's got grey hair and all

He's got two teenage kids, John and Paul

One of them is having the same problems he did too

He just says son hold on here's what you've got to do

Добавлено: 06.03.2012
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