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Jerry Jeff Walker - The Cape - текст песни, видео

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Jerry Jeff Walker - The Cape - текст песни, видео

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Guy Clark

Well he's eight years old he's got a flour sack cape tied all around his neck 

He's climbing up on top the garage figurin' what the heck 

He screws his courage up so darn tight, that the whole thing come unwound 

He got a runnin' start and bless his heart, he headed for the ground 


'Cause he's one of those who knows his life 

Is just a leap of faith 

Gotta' spread your arms and hold your breath 

And always trust your cape 

Well he's all grown up, he's got a flour sack cape, tied all around his dream 

He's full of piss and vinegar, ah, he's bustin' at the seams 

He licks his finger and checks the wind, it's gonna be do or die 

He wasn't scared of nothin', boys, he was pretty sure he could fly 


Now he's old and grey with a flour sack cape, tied all around his head 

And he's still jumpin' off the garage and will be til he's dead 

All these years the people said the fool was actin' like a kid 

And since he didn't know he couldn't fly, well of course he did 

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