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Jerry Jeff Walker - Standin' At The Big Hotel - текст песни, видео

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Jerry Jeff Walker - Standin' At The Big Hotel - текст песни, видео

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Butch Hancock

Well, I was standin' at a big hotel, just wishin' everybody well

If anybody paid me any mind, it was hard to tell

Then a big cop on his beat, took out his pistol and pointed at me

Lookin' down the barrel, I swore I saw the gates of hell

Standing at the big hotel

Well, I walked on down the avenue, 

Just lookin' for someone that I looked like you

I couldn't see a face that seemed to ring a bell

And then I stopped beside the five and dime

Just window shoppin' and wastin' time

Along came a gal, she sold me all she had to sell

She left me standin' at the big hotel


And then I lost my mind, in the wilds of Hollywood

Then I spent some time in the shadows where I stood

And I let those cards fall just where they fell

And then I found myself, standin' at the big hotel

Lord, Lord, what's the matter with me

I pay so much for the song I sing

And all I'm doin' is singin' em to myself

It's like standin' in a stagnant stream

With no water in the world left to drink

I was down at the bottom of a dried up wishin' well

Just standin' at a big hotel

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