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Jerry Jeff Walker - Rockin' On The River - текст песни, видео

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Jerry Jeff Walker - Rockin' On The River - текст песни, видео

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Steven Fromholz

Hey, if you want to go rockin' on a Saturday night

I know a place down the river where the rhythm is right

The joint is always jumping and there's always a crowd

Libations are delightful and the music is loud

Everybody's dancing and they're dancing in pairs

Sliding back the tables and they're stacking up chairs

The band is playing hot and singing sweet harmony


Won't you go rockin' on the river with me?

Why don't you go rockin' on the river with me?

They got a honky-tonk piano, got a sliding trombone

The meter is amazing, baby, so is the tone

The bass rhythm section, it'll tear you apart

Baby-faced drummer breaks the little girls' hearts

Johnny plays guitar and Tony's blowing his sax

They just got back from Memphis, where they're laying down tracks

Shirley, she's the singer, she can set your soul free


You pay your money at the door, you get a stamp on your hand

And if you leave the building, you can come back again

The barbecue is funky and the peppers are hot

And if it isn't legal, leave it out in the lot

Everybody dresses in a scandalous style,

The waitress does her best if you just tip her and smile

You can take my dreams into reality

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