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Jerry Jeff Walker - Let 'er Go - текст песни, видео

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Jerry Jeff Walker - Let 'er Go - текст песни, видео

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Jerry Jeff Walker

Last night I sat out on the boat dock and smoked a big cigar

Let my mind drift back along the road of life 

I've traveled down so far

Started out a dreamer with a suitcase in hand

A guitar on my back without a care or a plan

A gypsy boy hitchhiking down the road

Ah here I go

I fell in love at nineteen and 

I thought the world lay there in her eyes

But the kind of life i talked about 

Was not the kind that she had in mind

I was just a skinny kid who played the guitar

One day i looked up and she went by in a car

Driven by some guy i didn't know

I let 'er go

I went down to New Orleans, 

I'd never been to that locale

Found some work bartending 

And I started running with some pals

We had guitars and followed Dave Stovall around

We met some Cajun girls who had just drove into town

They said that they were headed for the coast, 

We all said let's all go

We were on life's adventure now, 

Traveling cross the great southwest

When I first saw Texas 

I thought man this must be the best

When I got to LA I just turned it around

Their heads are up among the stars, 

There's cracks in the ground

I really couldn't care less if it blows, 

I said let 'er blow

When I got back to Texas 

I thought man I finally found my place

The people are so friendly 

And they always have a pleasant face

The women all are pretty with a wink in their eye

The cowboys at the bar are all so polite and shy

Except when they ride the bulls at the rodeo, 

They say let 'er go

Well I put a band together 

And we sat around and played songs that i like

We sat around and worked them up 

'Till I thought we played them all just right

The first gig that we ever played 

I stayed out too long

Then we went out and partied 

And we stayed up 'till dawn

The next night at the club I didn't show, 

The bartender said hey let 'em go

I got lucky with some songs 

And they were hits on the radio

Promoters said they needed some gonzo stuff 

For the country package show

The record company said that they were caught by surprise

They said you guys are really hard to categorize

I don't think that they ever caught our show

They just let us go

Well I've traveled round the world 

And sang my songs for people that I've met

I've made a lot of people smile 

And all in all I still have no regrets

I've got a family that I love and they love me too

I've got a band I travel with 'cause that's what we do

And I see how quickly all the years have flown, 

I say let 'em go

Last night I sat out on the boat dock 

And smoked a big cigar

And let my mind drift back along the road of life 

I've traveled down so far

I thought of all the places I have been in my life

And all the places that I have to see 'fore I die

I looked over at the boat tied to the dock, 

I said got on and let 'er go
Добавлено: 07.05.2012
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