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Jeremy Kay - Three - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jeremy Kay - Three - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jeremy Kay
This guys deserves more tabs, so I thought I'd try 
to get a few more of his tabs out there. 
This is my first tab...EVER! 
It's just straight up chords and lyrics as there is a lot of 
filler in this one. 
Jeremy is one of my favorite artists and this is one of my favorite 
songs by him. 
Please feel free to make any additions or corrections.

Artist: Jeremy Kay
Song: Three Chords
Album: Cool Morning (2010)
Standard Tuning
Capo 3rd fret

      G      G/F#    Em
Three chords      and then

    C        D           G       G/F#     Em
the Truth is supposed to follow 

            C     D   G     G/F#
So why do I wallow in fear?

         Em               C   D
You were meant to be here

    C     D         G       G/F#         Em     C
See all...along the path was leading to a song

            C/B              Bb                     D 
You've been singing all your life, trying to get it right

    Em    C  Em 
How long

     C         D        G
I'll wait here for you

Maybe I'm wrong

Em           C          D     G
Maybe you're not coming home

  F            C            D                     G  D   G  D
A promise is a hollow shell, only time will tell

      G    G/F#  Em
Don't say

     C        D       G       G/F#  Em
that you were just pretending

               C         D        G                 G/F#   Em
Don't leave me standing, waiting, wondering...if you care 

             C       D         C    D
It's not too late to repair the hole inside

G     G/F#      Em            C      C/B            Bb
 Those feelings you've denied, coming back on you again

if you need a friend

    Em     C  Em
You know,  

    C       D
I'm waiting for you

G       G/F#
 Maybe I wrong

Em        C            D     G
Maybe you ain't coming home

F              C           D                     G  D   G  D
Throwing coins in the well, only time will tell

     C    D                         C
Right now, The least I can do is be honest

                 G                 C
'Cause I broke a promise to myself 

           D                     C
and I hurt somebody else...oh no I 

          C/B              Bb 
Don't know how to tell you 

                           D           Em    C   Em
Don't know how to tell you now...I was wrong

      C          D        G 
But I don't know how long

     G/F#               Em          C   D
I can wait around while you decide...oh

G               F            C  D
 Feels like I'm dying inside

               Em     C  Em  C  D  G  G/F#  Em  C  D  G
Oh, please come home

F                  C           D               G    D 
Cannot escape this living hell, only time will tell

END...have fun!
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