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Jennifer Love Hewitt - In Another Life - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Jennifer Love Hewitt - In Another Life - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы: Andrew Gold, Sam Lorber, Greg Prestopino

In Another Life
Jennifer Love Hewitt
From Fri Apr 18 10:43:58 1997
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 1997 21:59:15 +0100
From: Denis 
Subject: Crd: In another life by Jennifer Love Hewitt

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                 In Another Life  -  Jennifer Love Hewitt

          From the album, "Let's Go Bang" (1995 Atlantic Records)

          Written by Sam Lorber, Greg Prestopino, and Andrew Gold

           [Laboriously, but gladly typed up by Mardi Gras(TNT)]
                       [Transcribed by TNT SHWE]

    Right, it's me again, and have I got a real treat for you!  For those of you that are thinking, "Hmmm, 
name Jennifer Love Hewitt rings a bell.  Isn't she in Party of Five?" I applaud you because you are 
correct!  And for those of you who accidently downloaded this and just carried on reading out of curiosity, I advise you strongly to get yourself familiar with the show and buy her albums.  Love has one of the best 
voices in my opinion.  The girl has got class.  Well, I could just write pages and pages on how great I think Miss Hewitt is, but I think I'd better let you read the important notes on the song!

Notes:  I am not absolutely 100% positive about what key the song is in,         but I have transcribed it 
the key of C.  What I say is "Cut the         cloth to suit your coat", or in other words, play it in 
        key you fancy!  There is a guitar in the song, so there are actual         guitar chords for the song.  What I have posted are "Virtual         chords", that is, you won't here them in the song.  It's just a 
        to play along with the track.  If you play the notes shown, on a         bass, it should be a simplified version of the bass played on the         track!  The best chords to use are bar chords and they sound better         when only the lower strings (root notes) are played.

Recommended chord positions:

                      C    x35553
                      D    x57775
                      Bb   688766
                      F    133211
                      G    355433

Intro:  (Orchestral intro in key of C, for 0:22 minutes)

        Chords over keyboard:  C  C  D  Bb  C  F
                               C  C  Bb     Eb  D  C
                               C  D

Verse 1:   D      C          G                      C      D G
            If my loving you, could change the river's flow

                        C                            G
            I would not let you drift away from here

            I'd never let you go

Pre Chorus 1:                D       A#
                I want to be by your side

                                    D        Bb G
                But the water's too deep and wide

Chorus 1: C                C            D
            In another life, in another place

                              Bb              C          F
            I'd have held you close, I'd have known your grace

                       C                  Bb
            In another world, in another time

            Eb    D  C       D     Bb
            You'd be mine...  You'd be mine

Verse 2:  (Chords the same as Verse 1)

            If I touch you now, I'd only lose my mind
            Ooooh, when it's colder when I get there
            One life at a time

Pre Chorus 2:  (Chords the same as Pre Chorus 1)

                I don't know where or when
                But we'll pass this way again

Chorus 2: C                C              D
            In another life, in another place

                               Bb             C          F
            I'd have held you close, I'd have known your grace

                       C                 Bb
            In another world, in another time

            Eb    D  C
            You'd be mine

Interlude:  (Chords over keyboard, orchestra, percussion and vocals)

            C      G     C     Bb      C   F G
              Wooooooooh   wooooooooh

Chorus 3:  (Same as Chorus 2)

Outro:  (Same as Chorus 2/3)

Well that's all there is to this song.  I apologise if some of this seems wrong...  Especially during the 
and pre chorus' (I know I've got the other bits down - well in my key anyways!).  This version here is not 
final one.  I am still working on it, so any corrections are welcome.

                      C-ya!  =)

                              \                /
                               \     TAKE     /
                                \    YOUR    /
                                 \   PICK   / .....  And get practicing!
                                  \        /
                                   \      /
                                    \    /
                                     \  /
                        Copyright ? 1997 MardiGras(TNT)

                 For the first time, you can now send me E-Mail.
             Any corrections, connections, pals or gals are welcome


     "There in no lift to success.  You always have to take the stairs"


Oh yeah, here are the credits:

Written by Sam Lorber, Greg Prestopino, Andrew Gold

Electric guitar:  Michael Thompson
Lead and background vocals:  Jennifer Love Hewitt
Keyboards and programming:  Angelo Montrone
Bass:  Neil Steubenhaus
Drums:  John Robinson
String arrangement and conductor:  Bill Meyers
Violin:  Bruce Dukov, Berj Garabedian, Harris Goldman, Endre Granat, Karen Jones, Peter Kent, Robert 
Rachel Robinson, Anatoli Rosinsky, Sheldon Sanov, Marc Sazer, Kwi-hee Shamban, Haim Shtrum, and Valarie Vogoda
Viola:  Denyse Buffum, Scott Haupert, and John Scanlon
Cello:  Larry Corbett, Paula Hochhalter, Suzie Katayama, Armen Ksadjikian, Steve Richards, and Daniel Smith
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