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Jeffree Star - Plastic Surgery Slumber Party - текст песни, видео

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Jeffree Star - Plastic Surgery Slumber Party - текст песни, видео

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Vinyl black stilettos 
and fake eyelashes 
Blue eye shadow 
everything perfectly matches 

Touch my plastic face 
and see what happens 
I'm hiding from the world 
behind Chanel sunglasses 

"Do I look fat?" 

Limo tinted lipstick secrets 
Knife thin can you see us? 
Crushed diamonds dollar bills 
In my purse is every pill 

Fake smiles, tabloid tasteless 
Pretty Porsche an Fendi facelifts 
Plastic noses, mannequin poses 
Expensive clothes, my face is froze 

[pre chorus] 

plastic parts 
broken hearts 
scalpel please 


Pink razors, so vain 
Let's have a sexy party 
Nose jobs an champagne 
Sounds like a fuckin' party 

Pink sherbet, popsicle lips 
Perfection is - tucks an nips 
Collagen pumps an lipo-ed hips 
Hollywood glamour lipgloss tricks 

Surgery scars an beauty marks 
Botox amusement parks 
Pageant parade suicide past 
Beauty will never last 


Don't touch me.. 

Just fix me.. [x5] 

[chorus] x2 

Pink razors, cocaine 
Sounds like a LA party 
Rockstars are so lame 
Sounds like I'll hate that party 

Let's have a fuckin' party..
Добавлено: 30.08.2013
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