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Jeff Deyo - As I Lift You Up - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Jeff Deyo - As I Lift You Up - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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As I Lift You Up
Jeff Deyo
As I Lift You Up
By: Jeff Deyo    Album: Light
 (CAPO 1)

G            Bm                Em                         C
I'm reaching up, I'm reaching out, To be with You, Lord I wanna be with You now
G                                       Bm                             
 Em                          C
There's nothing quite like, Your voice in my ear, It's gentle and soft, You know it's 
and real

Am                    D
I open my hands
Am                      D
And I open my heart

G                                        D                           
                               Em                 D
As I lift You up from the earth, Won't You draw me in, Won't You pull me close
G                                         D                            
As I lift Your name to the Heavens, Won't You call me home
Em                                   D            G
Won't You call everyone to Your throne
 Em                                    D         G
(Won't You call everyone to Your throne)

G                Bm                          Em               
If it is true, Then how can it be, The thing You want most, From me is intimacy
G                        Bm                          Em       
I try in my power, To give you enough, But first what You ask, Is that I give You my love


Asus2                C9
Come make me all that You want me to be
Asus2               C9
My praises working that all would believe
Asus2               F#m              B9
Change us for all of eternity

 G  Bsus4  Em  C  Am  D  
 Asus2  F#m  B9
 3      x      0    0    0     x    x      0          2     x
 2      2      2    3    0     0    3      0          4     2
 0      4      2    2    2     0    2      2          4     4
 0      4      0    0    2     2    0      2          2     2
 3      0      0    1    1     3    3      0          2     2
 3      0      0    0    0     2    3      0          2     2
Добавлено: 08.03.2012
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