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Jeannie Ortega - It's R Time - текст песни, видео

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Jeannie Ortega - It's R Time - текст песни, видео

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Ohhhhh come on Mami

Its R Time - Don't be shy, grab a guy and


Move your body

Show 'em how it goes down when your Latinooo

Come on Mami

Its R Time - Don't be shy, grab a guy and


Show 'em how it goes down

De ti nunca yo me olvidare

Ni de la forma que tu te mueves

Este reggaeton quiero bailario con usted 

Me vuelve loco como ella se mueve 

My time to step up in this world

This reggaeton wit Jeannie

La candela let it burn

So you could jump on this

Or you could stay wit that

But if you didn't know by now

Right here is where its at

So haters step aside 

And watch how we gon ride

Ay bendito I'm sorry that you tired

But I'm a do my thing

I'm gonna cross the line 

'Cuz we gon start this party

And we gonna get it right




Ooooh Ooooh


You see N.O.R.E. got part of the track so scream epal

You lookin' right in the crib and eat chuleta

Mami que linda she looks like a gringa

But she's 100% puertorriquena

Representado represent puertorriquena

Si te cojo te mojo N.O.R.E. el pollo loco

Crazy chickens busta tre-ocho

I'll hold down and stand by your side

Beef on your block I got niggaz to ride

You see I'll be there

Jeannie be there

Ahora aqui Mami I swear

Jeannie Ortega riding wit Noriega pause

Ay que buena 

Pa you gon be screaming “Yo te quiero”

And when you bop your head to my flow

This shit's so crazy you gon want more

I be borriqua

So Papi ven dame tu gasolina 

I keep it real wit you I'm not a diva

So shake you ass to this all night

No te preocupes que llego tu flaco

Esta noche quiero agarrate

Para darte lo que quiera

A mi me encanta coma bailas

La cintura como la mueves 

De un diez le dio un nueve

A ella le encanta mi tigueraje 

Y el tumbao que traje 

Mami dame de eso un chingo 

Contigo llgo hasta el fin

Aterrizamos en san juan en un bote pa' Quieesqueya

Lo parqueamos por la playa

Con la toalla en la arena 

Lena a le candela
Добавлено: 14.05.2012
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