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Jayesslee - Monday Morning - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jayesslee - Monday Morning - аккорды и текст, видео

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Monday Morning
Monday Morning
by Jayesslee

(Original song composed by Sonia/Janice)
“This was the second song ever written. Like the title says, it was inspired by the
day of the week, where people seem to click back into their robotic modes and live life so
It's a cry out for the full-time workers (and students) who have that urge to break out 
be different- to be free.”

Tabbed: Kit02 (

(I really loved their song so much, it inspires me a lot, that's why to pay tribute to
for His wonderful creation I decided to make tabs for them here. Just want to 
share how blessed I am with their song. Do hear them out-
watch?v=KspXiqgll7g Be Blessed!)

E:   022100
A:  002200
B:  024400
C#m: 046650
(i just keep the e strings ringing);)

Intro: E – Esus4  4x – E break
 			   A      /B – C#m
A monday morning I wake up again
				A   B
and catch the train to work all over again
E			     A        /B – C#m
I see the same old people walking by
			A               B
Just like the other day I don't see a smile

C#m            B     	   A    /B
How do I break free from this?
C#m        B
How do I live my life ?
A                  B
To show that I am free

E			A
I wanna fly over the mountains
I wanna soar over the seas
			A		B
I wanna glide over the flowers and the trees
E			A
I wanna fly without a harness
I wanna run without these shackles on my feet
	A   		B
Oh because I know I'm free
     C#m    B
I am not afraid

      A    B
I am not afraid
      C#m	    B              E–Esus4–E-Esus4–A–C#m–B break
I am not afraid to fall because of you

Verse 2:
E  	             	     A     /B  – C#m
A sunday morning I wake up again
			      A         B
and for some reason it feels like a new day
E			   A            /B- C#m
And as I drive to church I wonder why
 			    A       B
On monday mornings why do I feel so dry

Pre-Chorus 2:
C#m	   B      	 A
I wanna break free from this
C#m	 B
I wanna live my life to
 A		B
show that I am free

(Repeat Chorus)

Outro: E – Esus4  6x – E – A – B –

Please do feel free to comment so I can update FB
Добавлено: 02.07.2012
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