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Jay-Z - 20 Bag Shorty - текст песни, видео

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Jay-Z - 20 Bag Shorty - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
no more reasonable doubt im provin to be da illest MC somthing wrong wit ya 
motor skills cause yall aint movin me im who u see musically when u want it 
done hot payin u to meanzlest infratillity stop i paint pictures beatufully but 
niggaz is near sighted dont worry about plageris it'll take em years to bite it 
which the greatest fears i dont write it it just appears outta no where like da 
information contain by the phycic like it or not i pay dues and expect to be 
paid back why da fuck should i freestyle im gettin paid to rap i slang a track 
laid back almost till its a sin tell ya god somebody's doin a good job 
impersonatin him J-Hova spittin game from da range rover what da fuck is yall 
doin in da third lane get over slow ya rode up i got it sewed up like a tella 
relatively easy like jerry hella cream is cherry vanilla got chicks in da telli 
belly up soundin like mayhelia tryna tell yall yall know da style burn da town 
down and change the locale im doin da same shit except its legit

got a twenty cart shorty better play dat shit you owe me twenty baby better pay 
dat shit got twenty bag son better blaze dat shit they said i wasn't seeing 
twenty but i made dat shit

pimp gotti get da dues in them double down like them kids wit tips who tops 
down  bricks who get money quick see me representin bomb city on da bill block 
and mic before they get a mill i sold pills all night the illest outta life got 
my mind on fate cause even im tour nigga still aint safe i keep a tre eight  on 
my left smoke a L for stress countin dirt bag lex i be da X like malcom  puff 
for now dunn east side represent wit tons of guns u keep it real where u from 
cause where u at might put da dagger in yo back its like livin wit yo homey dat 
be on crack and fat my niggas know my styles phat like hoes in da L Darodo my 
mine toatin fuck em duck em any thing but da main gun i dont trust em


move wit da nigga huh frum man chilla burge shit word shit i slpurge big 
scrilla observe when you work spit bird shit killah not to be purterb with herb 
shit deala can make me feel yall foreal ya tock ticking bust a rapper bust a 
cap hustler stop flinching you fresh off the corner calling dog shit brog shit 
soon as you feel that sog shit you be like oh shit broke niggas resort the 
glass looking opposite the track ass whooping opposite the black class hooker 
the fat ass fooker triple your cash criple your stash pass shooker the past 
aint never the last to teach lessons my peeps fucking up in the streets keep 
guessing my brew dont becomming a preach i be blessing lotta kids commmin out 
da wrong way like sea sections know da bro gone flow even if it cross shorts 
fuck weed cop coke cause da shit cost more but niggas say i floss to much but 
when i take it off and such they say i lost my touch those bitches like the 
money i wear what its funny how they stare dumb bunnies with they cunnin little 
glare shorty let me see the tail if its really that shittin she hit me with a 
felion a young pair kitten my boy hit that shit now every body splittin even 
holdin snow balls and i aint talkin bout mittens what i talkin bout mittens 
foreal snowballs

Добавлено: 01.05.2012
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